Log Raising Documentary Redux

I posted here about a project I’m working on with filmmaker Louise Abbott and cabinet maker Niels Jensen of Rural Route Communications. Niels Jensen specializes in custom-made fine cabinet work. He is based in Tomifobia, in the Eastern Townships. His work can be found in many prestigious homes in the area and beyond.

He explained to me that he likes to consider the effort that the tree put in to producing the wood he uses. With that in mind, he finds projects to use the left over pieces that might otherwise be discarded. One of these projects is custom cutting boards. We have one of his boards in our home that has seen constant use for years now. Out of the kindness of his heart he decided to make me another using pieces of the log that was raised from the bottom of Lake Memphremagog after having lain there since the 19th century.

Apparently logs that were being floated to the mill would sometimes sink, especially the heavier hard woods. Because of the conditions at the bottom, they don’t deteriorate and can be used today if retrieved.

Niels is now in the middle of building a table out of the log and we are documenting the process.

The photo shows the new cutting board, with the first one he made for me behind. Niels Jensen’s website can be found here.

Cutting board

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