Vortex MasterCab

CM Labs, one of my favourite clients, was kind enough to ask me to come on board for a 3D-animation video for their new simulator, the Vortex MasterCab. It involved a lot of organization and management of a type that I don’t usually have to deal with, so it was a great learning experience. The result was a success, so we’re all happy.

I outsourced the 3D shots, CM Labs provided script and simulator screen capture. Project management, edit, 2D animation and voice over by me.

CRUX: The Transformation of AnneBruce Falconer

A documentary I worked on about AnneBruce Falconer’s work “CRUX” has been chosen as an official selection at FIFA (The International Festival of Films on Art) in Montreal.

I’ve been working with filmmaker Louise Abbott for many years as a cameraman and editor on a wide range of documentaries. This is one of her latest and I’m pleased to have been involved:


Niels Jensen, Cabinetmaker

For over ten years, I’ve been collaborating with filmmaker Louise Abbott, of Rural Route Communications. We’ve worked on many documentaries together. Here is a recent film about Eastern Townships cabinetmaker Niels Jensen. I shot most of this, including the underwater footage, worked on the fine edit and did the sound mix.

Upland PSA animated video

My thanks go out to Upland Software and their Director of Marketing, Heather Black, for giving me the opportunity to dive deeper into After Effects for a few product videos. Here’s the latest for Upland PSA. Animation, sound design and voiceover by yours truly on a tight timeline. Couldn’t have made it without the quick response time of the Upland team. Thanks again.