Video shoot for CMLabs, Montreal

I went in to shoot some video for CM Labs yesterday. It’s hard to get a wide enough angle to show the immersive effect of all the screens, so I took some footage using a GoPro. Here’s a photo I took of their Global Accounts Manager and operator for the day, George, and another shot taken by Samuel St-Amour, of the marketing department, showing the simulator as well.


vxsim shoot

Log Raising Documentary

I was shooting a few weeks ago for my client Louise Abbott, a documentary filmmaker that I work with often. She’s doing a project about raising a 150 year old log from the bottom of Lake Memphremagog. It will be used by cabinet maker Niels Jensen to make a unique dining room table.

I wanted to get some underwater footage with my GoPro, so got all suited up. Unfortunately, I had never worn a dry suit and couldn’t get the darned air out, so I floated around like a cork!

Scuba in Lake Memphremagog

Scuba in Lake Memphremagog

Toronto Concert January 20, 2013

On January 20, 2013 I’m doing a concert in Toronto with musical theatre and recording artist Stephanie Martin. We’ve worked together in concert and on stage several times over the past few years and it will be a great pleasure to do so again! The great Chris Barillaro has kindly agreed to accompany us once again.