Stefania and Andrew

I spent the day with Stefania and Andrew in July, shooting their wedding. Everything was great, and I couldn’t have been happier with the footage, and the resulting video. Check out their highlights here:

Stefania and Andrew

It’s in H.264 format as usual, so install the latest Quicktime if you have trouble viewing.


5 thoughts on “Stefania and Andrew

  1. Vito,

    What are you recipe settings for the HV30 + Raynox 6600 or wideangle + Merlin? If you could kindly share your settings it would be very much appreciated.

    Good stuff as always.


  2. Hi JP,

    I actually didn’t use a Merlin on this one. It’s all hand held and tripod.

    When I use a Merlin with an HV30 it’s on full wide, no adapter, manual exposure.

    Thanks for your comment, much apprecitated,


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